Portraits are Important and We Want You in Them

Family portrait by Minndora's

Here we are, my first blog on the NEW website. I have struggled with writing this for a while because it is something so deeply personal to me. Whether you come to Minndora’s for family portraiture or something more personal and/or intimate, this is something I need you to know: you are special to me.

Your body type may affect how I pose you, but it doesn’t change that your family will cherish the images for years to come. Our kids don’t look back and say, “I wish Mom was skinnier..” or say "I wish Dad didn’t look goofy" or that a sibling should (insert something you would not say about a brother or sister here). You know what they DO say? “I wish we had more photos of Mom...of Dad.. of sister Suzy.”

silly girl portrait by Minndora's

I have been to almost every point on the size spectrum. I GET IT. I get it, I really do! People give you flack and interject their opinion, some even project their own body issues onto you. People commented on my weight when I was heavy and they have just as many opinions now that I am at the other side. They always will.

Here’s my advice:Be you. Be happily you. In whatever way that looks to you. And, if you’re not happy with something that is changeable? Change it. In the meantime, enjoy life. Enjoy your family. Be present in the moment. And I will continue to capture the most beautiful/ handsome side of you. Every time. ~M